Serving Airports, Passengers and Airlines in Western Michigan

The Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan (RAAWM) is dedicated to working on behalf of passengers in western Michigan to ensure that the best prices – and options – are available to them when choosing air travel. The revenue generated from a larger percentage of passengers choosing to fly out of the region rather than traveling several hours to larger markets will, in turn, benefit western Michigan airports, businesses and residents.

The RAAWM is dedicated to serving the following groups:



Business travelers are often looking for more options to fly direct. Leisure travelers love to see more choices when planning destination vacations. And every traveler loves a great price point. RAAWM is dedicated to providing ‘best in class’ air service in western Michigan for both business and leisure travelers.


Airports & Regions 

As the frequency of flights and number of air travelers choosing to fly out of western Michigan increases, airports and businesses in these regions will reap economic benefits.

The RAAWM represents the western half of Michigan, including the following areas:

  • Northern Michigan – Traverse City, Petoskey, Gaylord, Charlevoix, Cadillac
  • West Michigan – Grand Rapids, Ionia
  • Lakeshore – Muskegon, Holland, Grand Haven
  • Central Michigan – Lansing, Mt. Pleasant
  • Southern Michigan – Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, South Haven



Airlines can benefit from key insights regarding passengers and airports in every region. Research and surveys initiated by the RAAWM will be a resource for current and potential airlines servicing western Michigan in their decision-making process regarding current and future air service.

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