Why West Michigan? Why NOW?


Did you know.... 

You may not realize it, but over 365,000 passengers each year are choosing to travel to Detroit or Chicago to fly instead of flying out of their own backyard due to high airfares and limited flight options.  Have you ever stopped to think about how that impacts our region?  Have you thought about the millions of dollars LEAVING the local economy as a result of people traveling to these cities instead of flying locally?   Can you imagine what kind of economic boost retaining even a portion of that money locally would have? 

The Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan is dedicated to improving air travel for the entire West Michigan Region.   Formed in 2009, our mission is to bring “best in class” commercial air travel to the region.  We believe that quality air travel is vital to the region’s long term sustainable growth. 

Improved air travel includes:

  • Increased flight frequency
  • More destination options
  • More flexibility when traveling from the local airports
  • Lower, competitive airfares    


With the assistance of the Alliance members and the Gerald R. Ford International Airport staff, the people of Western Michigan have seen a significant decrease in overall fares and an increase in flight offerings.  While other airports across the country were experiencing fare increases, GRR saw the largest decrease in airfare during 2010, due in large part by RAAWM’s initiative to bring AirTran into the market. 

Get Involved! 

We can’t do it alone.  We need your help to show the air carriers that West Michigan is a long-term SUSTAINABLE area to provide service to.  When the time comes for air carriers to evaluate where to continue service, we want to make sure that West Michigan airports are ON that list! 

There are many ways to show your support for RAAWM:


Our time is NOW! We need to succeed in sustaining quality air travel for the region.  It’s vital to our economy, our long term growth, and impacts each of us.  Join the movement today!