“We certainly look at the arrival of a new airline as adding increased competition. Obviously that’s beneficial since it should result in lower prices and better services for both business and general public travelers, as airlines try to attract and retain volume.”

 Mark Schurman, Director of Corporate Communications of Herman Miller

“Our buy of commercial airline travel, both domestic and international, is a very significant expense in our company, in excess of $1 million annually. It’s a big deal.”

-Bruce Los, Vice President of Human Resources of Gentex

“We have a lot of road warriors out there. I think the more options we have coming to the area will lessen their pain.”

Jocelyn St. Amour, Travel & Corporate Meeting Planner of Haworth Inc.


“Air service plays a critical role in attracting and retaining business. We are proud to support the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan and its work to strengthen our region’s commitment toward achieving world-class air service. Better quality air service will greatly improve our ability to attract and retain business.”

Birgit Klohs, President and CEO of The Right Place, Inc.


“Having those vacation flights that are less expensive could be a factor.I’m hopeful that the low-cost providers that are here will provide access to markets we don’t currently have access to, $1,000 for a trip to New York is inordinately expensive, in my opinion.”

Jule Smith, Sr. PR Administrator of Haworth Inc.

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